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Cyclone Season is OVER!!! Right??

Earlier this week the Captain left his First Mate in charge, whilst he flew back to Australia. Now that we’re into May and officially out of cyclone season here in the South Pacific, we figured this would all be just fine.

No sooner had his plane taken off than the first cyclone warning hit my email inbox! Woah!! And here we all were busily watching TC Donna as she wreaked havoc in Vanuatu and New Caledonia, when sneaky TC Ella started to form with a vengeance heading straight for Fiji! TC Ella

Fortunately, with good friends (with plenty of experience sitting through cyclones) on hand for both assistance and advice, I settled in to follow the weather reports and relocate to a safe position to head into the mangroves, should the need arise. TC Ella #74

Whilst the predictions for TC Ella have improved again this morning (for those of us in Fiji) we cannot be complacent, as anything could still happen over the next 2 or 3 days…..

Meanwhile I am happily enjoying the beautiful weather (calm before the storm?!) and listening in to some wonderfully inspiring conversations on the Hay House World Summit 2017.

FB_Cover 4

No doubt these conversations are helping me to maintain a positive focus at this time and I can highly recommend selecting any that interest you and listening in whenever you have a chance. All the initial conversations are still available and new ones are being added today with more next week. The Summit runs until May 23rd, so you still have plenty of time to be INSPIRED :)