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Weather concerns and cruiser interviews!

As the ‘safe’ sailing season in Fiji draws to a close we say farewell to friends, new and old, as they gradually make their way west to Australia or south to New Zealand over the next few weeks. A minority, who prefer to stay within the tropics, head north via Tuvalu and Kiribati to the Marshall Islands.

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Despite a great deal of discussion and deliberation, we have decided to remain in Fiji for another cyclone season and Lynne will head to UK for her first Christmas at home with Mum for 25 years! Meanwhile Eric and the boys will hold the fort in Fiji and we’ll all be praying for another calm cyclone season…….

So, in case you’re wondering what we’ve been doing for the past few months, we’ve been out and about exploring some of the more remote parts of Fiji :)

Viti Levu north coast, Lomaiviti islands, Lau group (Vanua Balavu and Fulaga) – click the links for posts and photos (some are still a work in progress…)

Since we came back into good internet, we have been glued to our friends’ posts about the horrendous hurricanes in the US & the Caribbean :( Not forgetting the terrible earthquakes in Mexico, volcanoes in Vanuatu, fires in Montana, flooding in Nepal/ India etc, etc….

Our thoughts and hearts are with our many friends who have been badly affected, losing their boats, homes, and livelihoods and even worse than Mother Nature’s wrath is the looting, which is taking place. Very, very sad that people will stoop so low…… yet, on the other hand we have witnessed incredible selflessness, as friends who have lost everything are working tirelessly to help their communities and islands rebuild. Our friends on SV Totem have compiled various ways you can help out the islands. You’ll find the links in this post

Whilst the media has moved on, the islands and the people will be needing support and assistance for a long time to come <3

Meanwhile, I got  notification recently that the interview we submitted to the Interview With A Cruiser website a few months ago has been published. This is a fun project. Livia has interviewed the crews of many boats over the years and it’s fascinating to read everyone’s perspectives and why we are all out here doing what we do. As I read through the answers we gave some weeks ago our recent trip is a classic example of our cruising tip “Go with the wind. Relax and enjoy, rather than try to rush to meet schedules and be prepared to change your plans. ”











Cyclone Season is OVER!!! Right??

Earlier this week the Captain left his First Mate in charge, whilst he flew back to Australia. Now that we’re into May and officially out of cyclone season here in the South Pacific, we figured this would all be just fine.

No sooner had his plane taken off than the first cyclone warning hit my email inbox! Woah!! And here we all were busily watching TC Donna as she wreaked havoc in Vanuatu and New Caledonia, when sneaky TC Ella started to form with a vengeance heading straight for Fiji! TC Ella

Fortunately, with good friends (with plenty of experience sitting through cyclones) on hand for both assistance and advice, I settled in to follow the weather reports and relocate to a safe position to head into the mangroves, should the need arise. TC Ella #74

Whilst the predictions for TC Ella have improved again this morning (for those of us in Fiji) we cannot be complacent, as anything could still happen over the next 2 or 3 days…..