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The following comments were taken from our Guest Book when we were chartering Amarula in East Africa prior to continuing on our slow circumnavigation. We had a wonderful time sharing this undeveloped region with our guests and we’re delighted to have had the opportunity to enjoy it before the piracy became a real issue. 

Thank you all for your wonderful comments in our Guest Book. Knowing how much you enjoy your time with us makes it all worthwhile. There are so many to include, but here is a small sample.

“Wonderful. Best thing in Dar!” Lesley, Smokies Restaurant, Dar es Salaam (Sadly Smokies closed at the end of July after being an institution here in Dar for more than 10 years, but we wish David and Lesley the best of luck in their future endeavours)

“Definitely the highlight of our honeymoon. Amazing boat, food, adventure & crew!” Emma & Justin, UK

“That was one of the best days of our lives. Thanks a lot for nice experience & terrific hospitality” Rexwell Mining Group, Dar/ Russia

“Thank you for sharing your luxury home wth all of us. This experience has been awesome!!! We could not have asked for a better way to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday!! Thank you” Harry, Elle, Juliano, Johannesburg, S. Africa

“Thank you for sharing your part of the world and the “Amarula” with us. It was something we could only imagine but you helped make it a reality. This incredible experience, wonderful hospitality & friendship will be long remembered, as well as the 25+kg trevally!!” Bob & Marea, Australia

“A fantastic 3 nights. The 2 barracudas did not go unnoticed. Very memorable.” Wendy & David, Australia

“Great diving, fantastic food and outstanding company” Simon & Cathy, Dar es Salaam 

“Perfect mental detox. Wish we’d had a week! Fabulous time for all 4 of us. Thank you.” Gary & Cheryl, Dar es Salaam and from their daughter Emily “This trip on your boat was great, looking at the coral reef and looking at the dolphins. So I would like to thank you for letting us come on your boat. The food was unbeliveable “my mom could never make food like that” And the trips to the ilands were terrifick (I loved them). I would love to come again on your boat and maybe…. stay for a week! Hopefully before we leave. So once again thank you.”

“A really superb boat and extremely comfortable. Lynne & Eric are fantastic and made the whole experience all the more worthwhile, being excellent fun and very relaxed in true Aussie style!!” James, UK

” What a beautiful home on the ocean. Thank you for sharing a part of your Amarula life with us – it’s been a truly special time” Charlie, UK

“You’ve made us feel so at home in your beautiful paradise home. Thank you for every part of our Amarula experience (and for looking after me so well until I found my sea legs!)- diving, food, conversation, drink & company can’t be beaten – such a privilege!” Ally & Justin, UK

“What can I say? I will live in awe. I admire you and congratulate you both. I WILL come again!” Paddy, Dar es Salaam

“A beautiful house on the ocean. Thank you for a great trip. Best wishes for your venture.” Paresh, Dar es Salaam

“As perfect as a day can be” David & Sandy, Dar es Salaam

“It just goes to show better things happen at sea” Mark, Dar es Salaam

“Thanks for a wonderful evening on your great boat. Hope to do some island hopping with you & Amarula in the near future. Compliments to your chef – food was outstanding!” Ted, Dar es Salaam

“Wonderful! Wonderful! What more can I say??!! Do you accept resumes for crew members??” Gilbert & Arlene, Canada

“What a great pilot study this has been! Amarula has proved to be a fantastic platform for humpback whale research in every respect. We hope to come back for a real season as soon as possible. Until then thank you ever so much for letting us aboard and taking part in our research” Per & Anna, Stockholm University, Sweden

“My first time out here (Aldabra & Cosmoledo). Thank you for making all of us feel at home whilst exploring those great wonders of nature. My best wishes for the future of Amarula and its great crew.” Rolph, Seychelles

“Quelle aventure! Discovering island after island full of exciting creatures, then getting back on board for a cold drink with great friends – the cosiness of it all… An unforgettable odyssey!” Pat, Seychelles

“Loved sharing the dream of living on this boat. Enchanting!” Phyllis, Dan, Sophie & Max, Dar es Salaam

“Fantastic time! Sincerest thanks for the adventure of a lifetime” Rob & Tes, Dar es Salaam

“Thanks for an excellent trip. The boat is fantastic, as were hosts & trip. Thanx!” Lene, Kampala

“Fishing, dolphins, plenty of diving, seafood and all the comforts of hojme on a boat!” Charlie, Kampala

“Thanks for the memories. We could get used to this life. We had a wonderful anniversary. You both have been superb hosts. We wish you lots of good fortune.” Shelley & Steve, South Africa

“Fabulous trip. Utterly relaxing. Amarula is fantastic as are all our hosts. Thanks and we hope to be back aboard!” Lisa & Dieter, Dar es Salaam

“What a great introduction to Tanzania. Wonderful food, drink, company & hosts.” Michelle & Bud, USA

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