Marine Consultancy

As a shipwright, naval architect and commercial fisherman,  Eric has worked on a variety of shipping, fisheries and marine projects worldwide.

He has designed, built and operated commercial vessels in Australia, the Middle East and Tanzania.

Whilst operating our prawn trawler in Tanzania, Eric & Lynne collaborated with the Tanzanian government to implement HACCP procedures for their shallow-water prawn fishery to meet European Union requirements.

Lynne joined Eric in the conceptualisation, design and building of SV Amarula and is also trained in Maritime Operations. Lynne & Eric have been living onboard SV Amarula since her launch in July 2001.

Apart from offering recreational and marine research charters in East Africa from 2002 to 2007, we continue to provide marine consultancy services as we travel.

Our projects have included the proposal of ocean, river and lake shipping services to enhance the transportation of cargo and passengers to the landlocked countries within East Africa.

We also provide condition and value surveys of vessels.

As of March 2016: we are now agents for a GLOBAL MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY.

BOAT INSURANCE – As long term GLOBAL cruisers we understand how complicated it can be to get insurance which is specifically tailored to OUR needs. For more information or a no obligation quotation, please contact us or complete the form on our Marine Insurance page

For details of any of our projects and to learn about how we can assist you, please contact us

In addition to the above services Eric has been perfecting his Killer Hand Gaff – watch here to see it in action. If you would like to order one, please contact us for details.

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