Crew Qualifications & Experience

Eric Toyer (find me on Linked In) – Qualifications and experience:

  • 12 years in the Royal Australian Navy as a chief petty officer, Navy Diver and Shipwright
  • Naval Architect & Marine Surveyor
  • Master 4 in National Maritime Operations, Master of Harbour and River Steamers, Marine Engine Driver II
  • Designed, built and operated 3 Prawn Trawlers spanning a 25 year period with experience in Australia, Middle East and East Africa.
  • Instrumental in introducing HACCP standards into the Tanzania Prawn fishery, working closely with the Government and European Union officials.
  • Yacht Charters & Marine Consultancy – recreational & scientific research charters onboard SV Amarula, alongside a variety of marine consultancy projects including strategic development initiatives for the east African transport corridors from the coast to land-locked countries with specific reference to cargo & passenger services.
  • Eric’s greatest passion is the ocean and the natural beauty it presents. He has always had an interest in sailing and has been sailing regularly since he & Lynne bought their first catamaran together in 1994.
  • Although we left Tanzania in October 2009 we are still offering Independent Marine Consultancy services.
  • Eric’s latest project is the development of a Killer Hand Gaff, which works in conjunction with a traditional long handled fishing gaff to improve the recovery rate of fish during the boarding process.
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Lynne Dorning Sands (find me on Linked In) – Qualifications and experience:

  • Bachelor of Education Degree in Primary Education and RSA Certificate TEFL with teaching experience in UK, Japan, Indonesia, USA and East Africa
  • Professional Counsellor and Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Coxswain Certificate of Competency (National Maritime Operations Certificate II)
  • Administrations Director for the Fishing Company in Tanzania
  • Chief administrator and project manager on the catamaran-building project in Australia
  • Lynne’s greatest passions are travel and human development.
  • She has travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, sub-Sahara Africa and USA.
  • More recently Lynne is excited to be a part of the new movement that is changing the lives of women worldwide Women United for Change

In February 2014, we discovered an incredible 100% natural FDA Class 1 Listed Medical Device for pain relief, which has dramatically improved mobility in Eric’s shoulder after an injury sustained whilst sailing from South Africa to Namibia in December 2011. As a consequence we have affiliated with this company, which provides natural products, from the ocean, for pain management, complete nutrition and beauty.

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