Family Fun in Fiji (Part 3)! Or Dreams Do Come True :)

Well, family visitors to SV Amarula have been few and far between. Eric’s daughter, Nicole, visited us a few times when we were based in Tanzania, her last visit was in 2009 when we had a lovely mock wedding for her and her partner 2

Eric’s other daughter, Jody, came out on a honeymoon trip with her husband Graeme in 2008 and we had visits from Lynne’s niece (2004, also the year our very first grandson was born in Australia!), Lynne’s brother (early 2005) and nephew (end 2005). But once we set sail from Tanzania in October 2009 until NOW, we’ve had no family visits!


But now that we’re in Fiji, we’re just a short distance (relatively) from Australia and we enjoyed visits during April from both of Eric’s daughters and 4 of our gorgeous grandkids! Nicole, Dave and their 3 daughters Abby, Brooky and Lilly joined us for a week onboard before moving to a resort for another week. During their time at the resort we were able to anchor Amarula in the bay and had chance to spend more time with the family and even enjoyed a delicious meal ashore with them at the resort one evening. RIMG3309

Part 3 of our Family Fun came yesterday when Jody, Graeme and their delightful son Lachie spent the day with us on Amarula, together with Graeme’s brother John and his partner Lin. They were passing through Fiji on a cruise ship to celebrate John’s 60th, so we met them at Lautoka port and sailed off to a nearby island in the Mamanucas to spend the day swimming, snorkelling and kayaking.

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Although it was just one day, it was wonderful to reconnect after almost 6 years! In fact both Lachie (Jody and Graeme’s son) and Lilly (Nicole and Dave’s youngest daughter) were both just days old the last time Lynne was back in Australia. We look forward to seeing the rest of the grandkids, Bayden, Sebastian, Austin and little Evie (not yet a year old) when we visit Australia later this month!

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We are eternally grateful however for social media and the internet, as we have enjoyed seeing photos and videos of the family over the years, not to mention having occasional video skype chats when we’ve had good enough internet :)

What a special APRIL it has been! We hope to have a lot more family visits now we’re back in this part of the world, although Eric’s dream was to have his grandkids onboard before we sold Amarula. We’re half way there, having had 4 of the 8 grandkids visit us now!

And today is Eric’s 71st birthday. We reminisced about his 70th last year when our friends, Sue and John on SV Marilyn put together a lovely surprise birthday party for him.

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And we couldn’t have spent his actual 70th birthday in a more stunning anchorage. The Bay of Virgins at Fatu Hiva, French Polynesia has to be one of the most spectacular backdrops in the world!