SV Amarula is FOR SALE!

It’s been 3 months since our last post on here!

I’m not quite sure why, but I am finding it quite a challenge to sit down and write about our wonderful time in Tonga. Perhaps it’s because it feels, very much, like our journey is almost at an end……

It has been an interesting, wonderful and enlightening experience, living onboard SV Amarula for over 15 years, in various countries, but it is time to go home and begin a new journey, mostly land-based and most certainly family-oriented.

For the past 5 weeks Eric has been back in Australia and it is clear that Australia is where he wants and needs to be now, so the impetus to pack up our floating home, our dogs and move back to Australia is stronger than ever.

For this reason, we ask that our followers, friends and family all around the world PLEASE share this post and our website, so we can find a new, loving owner for SV Amarula soon.

She is a beautiful, blue water catamaran and her forte is as a luxury floating home and strong, comfortable passage maker. Just imagine NOT getting cold, wet or sunburnt on a passage and being tucked up in a cosy, enclosed wheelhouse whilst navigating her across oceans!

SV Amarula would be ideally suited to a family or even a group of friends wishing to circumnavigate the globe. Equally, she is well suited to chartering. Having lived onboard for the past 15 years, we will be delighted to assist with advice/ suggestions depending on her new owners’ requirements.

You can find plenty of information and photos throughout our website, including a record of her construction and launch in our About Amarula section.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us for any further information and we look forward to working together to now make your dreams come true :)

If you would prefer to go through a broker, SV Amarula is listed with Anna at Nautilus Yacht Management in Sydney, Australia. Details AND PRICE here

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