Uncluttering the oceans…..


Now I am not intending to turn into a major campaigner, but I do have to say this plastic waste has to be addressed. Every time I check the internet these days I am reading about plastic waste in the oceans and its effect on marine life. Perhaps that’s because our last post highlighted this, but whatever the reason, I do want to be part of the awareness raising effort, so PLEASE be aware of where your rubbish gets dumped and let’s all work towards consciously making the changes necessary to put a stop to it.

Having said that, I would just like to say that our previous website came off the internet a couple of weeks ago, as I didn’t renew the hosting subscription. I wanted a host that was ‘wordpress’ friendly, as I have been working on merging our www.amarulasail.com website and our www.amarulasail.wordpress.com blog. Now I have been forced to do this since our hosting subscription ran out the other week! I am not quite there, so please bear with me whilst all the old Captain’s Logs are uploaded….

Meanwhile best wishes to everyone & please remember to dispose of your litter, waste, garbage, trash with care! Thanks x